The Gospel Honkies Band - CD Information


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Rick Ravenscroft - acoustic guitar, vocals
Burnie Nitro (aka Ken La Combe) - acoustic guitars, vocals
Sheryl Sullivan - Vocals
"Country Dave" Harmonson - Electric and acoustic lead guitars, dobro, pedal steel guitar
Andy Parypa - Bass
Steve Stusser - drums, acoustic lead guitar, vocals
Don Wilhelm - Bass, vocals
Steve Berman - Keyboards

Produced by Rick Chinn and Rick Ravenscroft
Recorded at Sage Arts, Arlington WA, and Robert Lang Studios, Shoreline WA.
Engineering - Matthew Gephart (Sage Arts), William Maxwell, James Martin (Robert Lang Studios)
Additional engineering by Rick Chinn at Opus 4 Studios
Protools Wizard: Matthew Gephart
Mixed by Matthew Gephart, Rick Chinn and Rick Ravenscroft at Sage Arts.

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